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2HM Logistics d.o.o., is company headquartered in close proximity of Koper seaport in Slovenia, EU. With our position of being less than 500m away from direct port entrance and being right next to truck terminal allows us to always act very fast and without confusion for clients and business partners.

Our main focus are shipments to and from Europe, where we can offer you our services. 2HM Logistics presence is mainly felt in Central Europe with direct services for following countries: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our team contains highly skilled professionals from various segments of transport. We aim to provide our partners best possible attitude, service and reliability which we believe is our main driver of success. Contact us and we will be happy to be a part of your story.

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2HM Logistics d.o.o.

Ankaranska cesta 7A, 6000 Koper, Slovenia


Office Phone: +386 (0)5 6393 111

Urgent Mobile Phone: +386 (0)41 99 77 66